A Positive Step - A Monthly Financial Report





Tennessee state law requires that a county issue a detailed monthly financial report. Such a report is a starting point for the information needed to enable the Commission to regain financial control of the County.


The law is quite specific on the content and format of the required report. Yet, Blount County has not issued such a report in years.


Since the County desperately needs the financial reports, policies and procedures that will enable the Commission to properly budget, manage and account for, $140 million of taxpayer money, Citizens for Better Government has strongly advocated that the County comply with the law.


We were very pleased to see that this report is included in the September Commission information package, starting on page 201.


The report is a good first step on the long road to REAL County financial reporting and controls. Mayor Cunningham said he would do this at the budget familiarization meeting in August. He is a man of his word. This is a good sign.

This gives us some hope, that working together, we can begin to solve the financial problems of the County.