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Blount County Tennessee


Sheriff buys $4 million worth of digital radios – taxpayers get bludgeoned


The Blount County Commission did it again. At their August meeting, they decided, with little information or thought, to spend more than $4 million of taxpayer money, $2 million from the County and the balance from Maryville and Alcoa, on a new digital radio system for the Sheriff. You will remember the millions that were wasted each time the Commission made a decision on the County debt, with little understanding of what they were doing. The Commission’s digital radio decision will likely result in a similar waste of taxpayer money.


There are a number of very disturbing loose ends with this digital radio deal.


The Sheriff chose not to wait a few months for the new State contract that could enable us to save hundreds of thousands of dollars. He elected not to do the studies to give us a real coverage map for our new system. Why bother? He will just come back to the taxpayers when he needs more money.


Call the Sheriff. Ask him why he was in such a hurry to give this gift of taxpayer money to his friends at Motorola.