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We are a group of citizens who are deeply troubled by the actions of some of our Blount County elected officials.

Many of our County officials and employees are good, hard working people who go out of their way to act in the best interests of the taxpayers.

Unfortunately, their efforts are being tarnished by a few politically powerful officials, with large budgets, who put their interests and those of their family members and friends, above the good of rest of us. They believe that county funds are "their" money. Their departments are full of inefficiency and waste.

We believe that citizens must "follow the money" to ensure that OUR money is spent wisely, to eliminate waste, and to assure that county officials are paying attention to the wishes of the citizens, as opposed to the demands of the special interests. Our mission is to study and thoroughly understand the county budget and finances, so that we can be a resource for citizens and commissioners.

We also believe in a level playing field. All citizens should be governed by the same set of rules. Special interests, with the right political connections, should not be entitiled to "streamlined" or special government handling of their requests.

We believe that a county officeholder must make a professional businesslike case for any increases they are requesting. The case should include a thorough analysis of the initial and on-going costs to the taxpayer, and a clear statement of the specific benefits that will result from the increase.

We believe that special interests seeking a change to county rules and regulations (e.g. zoning) should be expected to make a detailed, thorough case to the public explaining the need for the change and itemizing the specific benefits to the citizens. These special interests should be expected to present their case in public hearings. The public should be given the opportunity at these hearings to question the assumptions and substance of the case the special interest is making.

We strongly believe that the citizens of the county, when given accurate information, will prevent the perversion of the county's rules and regulations, and will demand reforms and ensure that they are implemented.

We welcome the participation of citizens of all political persuasions. Please send us a short email if you would like to be informed of our meetings and other activities. (We do not disclose email addresses to any third party.)

You can help make Blount County a better place. Please attend the meetings of the County Commissioners. Ask questions. Make your opinions known. And, above all, VOTE.