Citizens for Better Government

Blount County Tennessee


Is the Sheriff sharing the taxpayers’ pain?


In the last month or so, we have heard a great deal from Mayor Cunningham and Finance Director Bennett about the need to control County spending to cope with the severe economic downturn. At the January Commission meeting, Peggy Lambert, the self-appointed leader of the county political machine, even made a good speech about the need for fiscal responsibility. The machine-controlled Commission then voted to appoint her to the seat vacated by Bob Ramsey.


Against this background, you can imagine our disappointment when we discovered that, just four days later, Sheriff Berrong ordered $518,000 worth of brand new cars. To add insult to injury, the Sheriff spent nearly $100,000 on three luxury SUVs.


Is this the belt tightening and fiscal responsibility our political machine is talking about?


Sheriff Berrong has demonstrated that the “fiscal responsibility” we have been hearing about from Cunningham, Bennett, Lambert and Berrong are just empty words.


Rest assured that the taxpayers of the county know hypocrisy when they see it. And they will remember the hypocrites at the next election.