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Blount County Tennessee

Tale of Two Counties Slides Available

The slides used in our recent Tale of two Counties presentation are now available. The presentation shows:

  • Who in our county government is doing a good job at controlling spending, and who is not;
  • The county general fund (Sheriff, Circuit Court Clerk, etc) is growing at nearly twice the rate of population growth plus inflation, while the school fund and highway fund have grown at less than population growth plus inflation. In short, excessive general fund spending is stealing from our schools and highways;
  • Blount county and Washington county have nearly the same populations, county road miles and number of county arrests, yet Blount county spends 38% more in the general fund;
  • Sullivan county has 32% more people than Blount, but spends 10% less in their general fund;
  • We are spending millions of dollars more to run our jail than other East Tennessee counties;
  • The Sheriff has nearly doubled the number of cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles and vans he uses since 2002, while the population increased just 6.9%;
  • Blount county uses more than double the number of vehicles in the Sheriff's department than Sullivan or Washington counties;
  • The quality of law enforcement in Blount, Sullivan and Washington counties is similar, because they are the only three counties in Tennessee that are certified by the Commission on Law Enforcement Accreditation (CALEA)
  • While the increase in Sullivan and Washington county general fund expenditures have approximated the rate of inflation from 2002 to 2006, the increase in Blount general fund expenditures has more than doubled the rate of inflation;
  • we are in danger of continuing tax increases far exceeding inflation if general fund spending is not brought under control.
  • Click here for copies of the slides


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